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Online creative courses with guided art projects & outdoor nature adventures to ignite your faith so you can experience more of God’s presence.

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Spiritual Guidance, Sacred Art & Creative Adventures in Nature

In His presence, God’s grace will illuminate each stroke of His glory on the canvas of your life.


Welcome to Spirit ArtVentures

Welcome to Spirit ArtVentures, where spirit, art and adventure collide into a creative and transformative journey. All of our art creations are artistic translations of stories of testimonies of spiritual and physical transformations, and some are transformed into online workshops to help guide you along your own spiritual journey.  We call these journeys ArtVentures, and we offer this unique platform for spiritually open-minded Christians, artists, and mindful individuals to explore and share their faith through creative expression in a non-traditional setting. As we embark on these enriching ArtVentures, participants not only discover the depths of their spirituality but also contribute to a greater purpose.

Almost every single piece of art created during our ArtVentures and Workshop is made available for purchase, with portion of proceeds dedicated to supporting impoverished youth and Christian missions worldwide. At Spirit ArtVentures, we believe in the power of art to inspire change, and your investment in our creations goes beyond the canvas, making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Join us on a journey of artistic exploration, spiritual growth, and global compassion.

Faith Inspired Art for a World Change

Spiritual art, with its transcendent aesthetic, serves as a dynamic force in advancing worldly missions. Through vibrant colors and symbolic motifs, it inspires a profound connection with the divine and a heightened sense of purpose.

This art form becomes a conduit for conveying universal truths, fostering compassion, unity, and mindfulness. In supporting worldly missions, spiritual art elevates the human spirit, encouraging individuals to align their actions with higher purposes and contribute positively to the collective advancement of society.

Spirit ArtVentures



Faith-Inspired Experiences:

Grounded in Christian principles, our mission is to offer experiences that blend the sacred and the secular, providing a platform for individuals to explore and deepen their faith through artful expressions and transformative travel.

Art as Divine Expression:

Art, seen as a divine gift, becomes a channel for self-discovery and spiritual revelation. Our mission is to encourage participants to use various artistic mediums as tools for exploring their faith, fostering a creative and contemplative connection with the divine.

Prayerful Exploration:

Imbued with mindfulness and prayer, our travel experiences are designed to be sacred journeys. Through guided practices, we invite participants to cultivate a prayerful presence, recognizing the divine in both the external wonders of the world and the inner sanctuaries of the soul.

Faithful Fellowship:

We envision a community of believers who share a common quest for spiritual growth. Our mission is to create a supportive network where individuals can inspire and uplift one another on their Christian journey, fostering a sense of fellowship and camaraderie.

Online Spirit ArtVentures Workshops

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Enjoy early-bird pricing through the month of June until our official launch in July. Online workshops begin July 16th, 2024. 

Who are ArtVentures for?

Spirit ArtVentures aims to be a guiding light for those seeking to deepen their faith, fostering a connection between the divine and the world around us through mindful exploration, artistic expression, and a community of fellow stewards.

Spiritual Seekers

Individuals actively seeking spiritual growth, self-discovery and inner peace. Those who prioritize well-being and are interested in experiences that promote mental, emotional & physical health through artistic expression and travel.

Artists on a Spiritual Journey

Artists who want to infuse their creative process with spiritual practices, who have a Christian background or values and are looking for a space where they can express their faith through art without traditional religious constraints.

Mindfulness Enthusiasts

Those who practice mindfulness, meditation, and contemplative activities within the context of their Christian beliefs and are interested in incorporating artistic expression into their spiritual practices.

No matter your level of artistic experience, from complete beginner to seasoned artist, Spirit ArtVentures welcomes you. Our online courses and workshops offer an encouraging space to explore, create, and heal through the transformative power of art and travel. Join us on a spiritual art adventure that will leave you inspired, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to your faith and purpose.


All donation proceeds are dedicated to supporting impoverished children and Christian missions worldwide. Join us on a journey of artistic exploration, spiritual growth, and global compassion.